A Bodybuilder Flipped The Hell Out And Slapped A Judge To The Ground After Finishing Second

11.30.16 2 years ago 4 Comments

For those outside the community, bodybuilding competitions are a curious endeavor. The goal is to have the most perfectly sculpted version of the human body possible, assisted by incessant weightlifting, insane dieting, chemical supplements and an incomprehensible amount of tanning oil, but judging who accomplished that the best seems incredibly difficult. Bless those judges for trying, because you can’t please everyone … especially Giannis Magos, who responded to a second-place finish with a hissy fit unbecoming of such a physical specimen.

Though Magos won his weight group at the IFBB Diamond Cup, he finished second overall and lost his damn mind, slapping a judge so hard he sent him to the floor and generally carrying on and yelling at everyone who tries to placate him. Bizarrely, after the slap, he’s allowed to just roam around the stage and exit of his own accord.

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