Boom Goes the Web Redemption

Pro Wrestling Editor
05.25.11 9 Comments

Because I can’t reblog entire half hours of Norm MacDonald talking about sports, here’s the “Boom Goes the Dynamite” guy’s web redemption on last night’s episode of “Tosh.0.” When you type it like that it reads like “tosh point oh point.” Anyway, Gus Johnson makes a funny cameo and Tosh(‘s writers) get to rant at length about ESPN personalities. The best part of the entire video is the explanation of where “boom goes the dynamite” comes from, a very human, identifiable story about how happy it makes you when you destroy somebody with a green shell in Mario Kart.

This is the second sports-related Tosh this season, alongside last week’s Manny Pacquiao appearance, so maybe he’ll keep doing these and I’ll have a reason other than LOLing at racism and misogyny to watch. Steve Bartman could use a web redemption, at least.

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