The Greatest UFC Face-Off In History Featured A Very Sleepy Puppy

The UFC returns to London this Saturday, but you may not have heard much about it since the card lacks the star power and therefore attention that Conor McGregor or Michael Bisping might otherwise bring to the event. That said, the show does have some serious UK up and comers worth watching like Jimi Manuwa, who steals souls with his fists. And then there’s battle hardened veteran Brad Pickett, who has been fighting since 2004 and plans on retiring after his fight with Marlon Vera this weekend.

We’re sure Pickett wants to make it a memorable event, and he’s already going above and beyond in that regard by creating one of the warmest, cuddliest moments you can expect to witness leading up to a cage fight. How? He brought a puppy with him to the face-off.

Pickett’s love of puppies has been well documented leading up to his fight, with the London fighter sharing a photo covered in critters while training in Florida. He’s also got more pics of his sleepy face-off friend Bonnie on his blog and via Twitter account:

Here’s hoping this puppy power helps him bridge the age gap between himself and his opponent on Saturday. Pickett is 38 while Marlon Vera is 24. But as Randy Couture used to repeatedly show, who needs youth when you’ve got experience and grit on your side? And an adorable puppy like Bonnie.