Brian Ortega Wants A Showdown With UFC Legend Jose Aldo

02.28.19 5 months ago


Brian Ortega’s life has taken its fair share of twists and turns, from fighting for his life in the streets of Harbor City, Los Angeles, to fighting for the UFC featherweight title inside the Octagon.

Uproxx Sports spoke with Ortega recently through Modelo, as his journey and fighting career fits seamlessly with their campaign, proving it doesn’t matter where he came from, it matters what he’s made of.

“(Modelo and my story) go perfectly together,” Ortega told Uproxx Sports. “There’s always going to be my dream. There’s always going to be future generations growing up. All these generations have dreams and goals. That’s why I feel like this message is important. At the end of the day, we’re telling people never give up, always keep going forward. Like Modelo says, always keep that fighting spirit strong no matter what you’re going through. Through all the adversity in your life, just keep moving forward.”

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