Move Over NFL SuperPro, The BrooklyKnight Is Here To Creep Us Out

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11.06.12 13 Comments

I hope the fans chanted "NEEP! NEEP! NEEP!" as he descended.

The Brooklyn Nets defeated the Toronto Raptors 107-100 on Saturday night to open the amazing new Barclays Center in style, after the original opener against the New York Knicks was scratched because of Hurricane Sandy. Unfortunately, the attention that should have been focused on Brook “Dwight Who?” Lopez, who led the healthier-than-last-year Nets with 27 points, was directed at the Nets’ new mascot (above) as he made his debut after popping out of a trunk in the back of Maynard’s shop.
But there’s apparently so much more to this new character, known now as the BrooklyKnight, which is so much fun to pronounce as Brookly Knight. The Nets have teamed up with Marvel to give the NBA its first official superhero, which means that the whole LeBron James comic book was indeed just a bad dream.

BrooklyKnight made his debut in the Brooklyn Nets’ first-ever regular season game in their new home, Barclays Center, against the Toronto Raptors. Before the start of the game, the BrooklyKnight boldly landed at center court to inspire his team and rally the crowd. To commemorate the first appearance of this historic new sports icon, Marvel Custom Solutions worked with the Nets to create BROKLYKNIGHT #1, an all-new 32-page comic book by Jason Aaron, writer of THOR: GOD OF THUNDER and WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN and illustrated by artist Mike Deodato of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and NEW AVENGERS fame. All guests at the game received copies of the limited edition comic book.
“Brooklyn now has a new super hero to call its own,” said Brett Yormark, CEO of the Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center.
“BrooklyKnight is a superior combination of strength, power, and confidence — sounds just like Brooklyn to me.” (Via Marvel)

I’ll give Marvel a lot of credit – they sure can write some awesome PR quotes, like this one:

“Forged from the blood, sweat and tears of Brooklyn itself–always ready to defend his home and defeat any challenger–all hail the BrooklyKnight!” exclaimed Bill Rosemann, Editor, Marvel Custom Solutions. “When Nets fans meet their guardian, they will immediately know that the House of Ideas has once again unleashed a hero who will soon be known all over the world for his nobility, grit, and strength. Brooklyn, your champion is here!”

But look how creepy this face is!
While the fans who attended the Brooklyn opener received a limited edition copy, Marvel released some of the page images as well, so you can take a look at this crazy new hero, without actually reading anything that he ever says.

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