An NHL Player Ended His Career In Storybook Fashion After A Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

04.10.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

Carolina Hurricanes left winger Bryan Bickell received some devastating news in November 2016: he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The 30-year-old had been having health issues since 2015, and it wasn’t until his first season with Carolina that doctors were able to put their finger on the problem.

That meant Bickell had to sit out almost the entire 2016-17 season while beginning treatment. Since this was the last year of his contract, that diagnosis also likely meant the end of his career.

But after months away from the game, Bickell made his return April 4. On April 6, after his first home game since returning, Bickell became emotional when talking to the media, causing many to speculate that he was about to announce his retirement but had not yet told his teammates.

It turned out to be true, as Bickell revealed before the Hurricanes’ final game Sunday that it would also be his last game in the NHL. Minnesota Wild goaltender Josh Harding was also diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a few years ago and did everything he could to keep his career going before realizing the stress of playing in the NHL and receiving treatment was too much. Bickell decided he would not go through that.

And in his final game, Bickell provided perhaps the best moment of the NHL season.

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