Bryan Cranston Cracked A Tom Brady #DeflateGate Joke After ‘Breaking Bad’s’ PGA Win

26th Annual Producers Guild Of America Awards - Show
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Breaking Bad may officially be over but that hasn’t stopped the hit AMC series from taking home some hardware during recent awards seasons. The show, which followed our favorite chemistry teacher as he cooked up meth in his spare time, killed planes full of people and was the sole reason the pork pie hat came back into style, cleaned up with what will probably be its final trophy last night during the Producers Guild Awards.

Obviously this award recognizes the producing efforts on the show more than anything else, but that didn’t stop star Bryan Cranston from giving his own small acceptance speech on Twitter. Heisenberg took to social media to thank the Guild for the award and he also weighed in on the whole #DeflateGate controversy by issuing the slyest of burns to one Mr. Tom Brady:

Cranston out.