Buddy Cole Sat Down With The US Speedskating Team For ‘The Colbert Report’. Hilarity Ensued.

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02.12.14 13 Comments

Stephen Colbert continued to be the nation’s greatest public champion for the U.S. Men’s Speedskating Team last night, as he sent The Colbert Report‘s new 2014 Winter Olympics correspondent Buddy Cole to meet with our favorite boys on blades. Cole, who is of course Scott Thompson’s classic Kids in the Hall character, busted out every stereotype imaginable, from all figure skaters being gay to everyone from Texas being as hetero as Chuck Norris’s beard, and it was all in the name of making even more fun of Russia’s anti-gay laws.

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I don’t typically like to be that guy, but Buddy’s definitely looking a little plump in his Spandex these days. He might want to ask for two olives in those martinis instead of three, or else he’s going to look more like a blueberry and less like a horny winter bunny.

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