The Buffalo Bills Debate Whether A Hot Dog Is A Sandwich, And This Is Important

As the world’s foremost authority on eating a lot of food, I can tell you most sincerely that a hot dog is not a sandwich. I say this because I can probably eat 20 hot dogs no problem, not even break a sweat, really. But ask me to, like, eat five delicious hoagies and nope, probably not. On that same note, a mini-sandwich and/or pinwheel is also not a sandwich. Yes, I’m confusing you, and yes, this argument is not based in logic. Deal with it. It’s the internet. Nothing makes sense.

On Wednesday, the Buffalo Bills dove head-first into the hot-dog debate and, surprise, surprise, there were differing opinions.

“A sandwich has bread.”

I was fine with everyone’s opinions until someone talked about Subway. Then I threw up in my mouth a little. Then I forgot how wonderful hot dogs were because of stupid Jared Fogle. Dammit, Jared. You ruined it.

VERDICT: Hot dog still not a sandwich.