Bunny Ranch Owner Dennis Hof Wants Arizona To Legalize Prostitution For The Super Bowl

Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof wants to do the city of Phoenix a huge favor ahead of Super Bowl XLIX, as he’s urging law enforcement and decision-makers to legalize prostitution to save themselves a ton of headaches come February 1. In fact, as he has been in Phoenix to meet with officials and discuss his ideas, he has already offered the city $500,000 to legalize the world’s oldest profession; however, he has been met with nothing but resistance, because the men calling the shots want nothing to do with Hof and his business ideas.

Maricopa County Sheriff and Steven Seagal’s favorite tough guy Joe Arpaio called off a meeting with Hof because it was “apparent that we would be talking more about making prostitution legal in and around the Super Bowl,” according to Arizona’s 3TV, and that’s just not something that Sheriff Joe is down with. But Hof is still convinced that his naughty Nevada ways are something that can definitely defend Phoenix and its surrounding cities from the coming wave of pimps, pushers, identity thieves, and probably even jaywalkers.