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This video’s title is the SEO-friendly “Breakdancer kicking girl knockout“, but I have two problems:

1. They should’ve just called it “Internet”

2. They act like what happens in the video is a terrible mistake, but I watch pro wrestling … that wasn’t a mistake, that was a heel turn.

I’m also interested in the Breakdancer part. Sure, maybe the little girl gets Sweet Hip-Hop Chin Music’d before the dancing can occur (and the “break” could be referring to her jaw), but for the first twenty seconds I see nothing but the worst Saturday morning cartoon “Stay Off Drugs” commercial forward-rolling and New Kids On The Block-dancing bullsh*t ever. If your “crew” is a tween in cargo shorts and a kid in an all-white hat with a flat brim with the rhythm of a toaster oven you’re setting yourself up to be served, be it through superior dance humiliation or kung-fu f**king knockouts.

I don’t know, something about the music and the guy’s t-shirt makes this seem like a really dangerous episode of ‘GUTS’.

[h/t Cage Potato]

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