Carlos Gomez Takes A 97 MPH Fastball To The Head And Miraculously Avoids A Concussion

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In the top of the sixth inning of Sunday’s game between the Mets and Brewers, Milwaukee outfielder Carlos Gomez took a 97 mph fastball straight to the helmet from rookie pitcher Noah Syndergaard. The force of the hit appeared to daze Gomez, as he layed on the ground for a short period afterward.

Thankfully, he was able to walk off the field under his own power, and the team announced later that he did not sustain a concussion. In fact, he indicated after the game that he may even play on Monday.

“I think so, the way I feel,” said Gomez. “I think I could have stayed in the game [on Sunday], but I have a history in the past of a couple concussions, and my manager didn’t want to take a risk. I understand that. But everything is fine. I understand what’s going on.”

With two runners on base and nobody out at the time, there’s no way Syndergaard was trying to hit a batter in that situation. After the game, Gomez apparently saw it the same way, as the two men had a brief back-and-forth on Twitter.

Gomez then added in a separate tweet that Syndergaard put the incident behind him, continue to work hard, and wished him good luck.

How’s that for sportsmanship?