Carmelo’s ‘No Decision’ On Conan, Right Before He Was Traded To The Knicks

02.22.11 7 years ago 6 Comments

The newest Knick, NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony, made a TV appearance on “Conan” just hours before his trade from Denver. Conan had his own way of asking the question that everyone has asked Carmelo since the season began.

“What if you were really hungry? And you had a choice between a Denver omelet, saltwater taffy from New Jersey, or Manhattan clam chowder, which one would you want to eat? You let me know if I’m getting too close.”

The best part is Anthony trying to catch himself before dropping what might have been an N-bomb after the Kobe Bryant video. “That’s my…that’s one of my closest friends.” That’s your what, Carmelo?

That video is after the jump; it’s hardly LeBron-esque. Anyway, the eight-player deal is drawing all kinds of opinions, but the gist is that the Knicks went from “not quite sh:tty” to “relatively watchable,” at the expense of their ability to sign players in 2012. Knicks fans will probably take it.

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