CBS Does Not Care For The NFL’s Labor Struggles

01.31.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

This is an ad that the NFL Players Association submitted to CBS for its upcoming NFLPA Game this weekend, but CBS has rejected that ad, and not given any reason as to why.

“I tried to have my team contact CBS to try to understand exactly what happened, but apparently they said they didn’t want to get involved with the labor negotiations,” Mr. Atallah said. He noted that game organizers were told by Kim Niforos Bolan, VP-Programming for CBS College Sports Network, although it is unclear who at the network made the actual decision.[..]

CBS is one of four networks that pay the NFL $4 billion a year to televise the league’s games. CBS, Fox, NBC and ESPN, as well as DirecTV, all agreed to pay the NFL in 2011 even if a lockout disrupts or cancels the season — a relationship that the NFLPA finds a little too cozy.

–Advertising Age.

The NFLPA will be sponsoring the annual Texas-against-the-rest-of-the-USA college all-star game, being played Saturday, but apparently won’t get any of its ads on the air. I’m sure De Smith And Friends are thinking that this was money well-spent. At least the players can count on making lucrative income for years to come…

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