Chael Sonnen Reads Off List Of Insults Before Losing To Anderson Silva Again

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03.27.12 6 Comments


A rematch between Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and challenger Chael Sonnen has been formally set and scheduled for June 23 at 50,000ish-seat Joao Havelange Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

If you don’t remember the first fight from UFC 117 back in 2010, Sonnen “dominated”. I put dominated in quotation marks because he controlled the fight for five rounds and submitted to a triangle armbar with a minute to go, but when you write about it you have to say he DOMINATED~. Apparently Sonnen’s spent the last two years only reading the first half of sentences, because he’s responded to Silva’s suggestion that he quit talking and start training with the most hilarious amount of talking ever.

A partial transcript, courtesy of Cage Potato:

I’m not fighting you in Brazil, I’m not fighting you in Chicago, I’m not fighting you in Florida. I’m fighting you in the Octagon. And when you get in there and I get in there, I’m gonna stomp you this time the same as I did last time. You can complain about your rib. I’m sure your rib *did* hurt. Your rib is inside of a coward. That’s the problem your rib’s got. It’s got the same problem your hands and feet have — they’re attached to *you*, dummy! I’m gonna be attached to you too, for 25 minutes or until you give up.

At this point, Sonnen’s “heel” gimmick is starting to sound a little too much like a Will Ferrell character trying to be threatening. YOUR RIB HURT BECAUSE YOUR RIB IS INSIDE OF A COWARD is the kind of thing you say when you’re wearing a fake mustache and trying to make someone laugh.

Video of Sonnen’s comments is after the jump.

One reason you should probably train instead of talking: those deep breaths you take between sentences that always make you sound like you’ve got a cold. Anderson Silva isn’t going to be scared of a dude who sounds like Clark Peters from ‘King Of The Hill’.

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