A Rich Guy Apparently Bought A Soccer Team In China Then Made Them Play Him And His Son In Separate Games

Purchasing a team in any sport seems like a pretty cool enterprise. Is it always the best business decision? No, not always, because it’s not hard for teams to lose gobs of money, but some of the stuff that you get to do — great seats, merely say you’re an owner, hang out with athletes sometimes — is really terrific.

Apparently, the owner of one soccer team in China’s second division is taking this to a new level. A man named He Shihua, age 35 is the principle shareholder of Zibo Cuju Football Club, and during a match against Sichuan Jiuniu, he got subbed on just before injury time while wearing the No. 10 shirt.

His Transfermarkt page indicates he has been registered with clubs in the past, so I suppose it’s not the most wild thing on earth that he got on the pitch. But I would recommend taking a big deep breath because baby, we are in for some nonsense: He Shihua, during the team’s game on Friday, got his son on the dang pitch.

According to TUDN, the mandate is to always make sure that his son is in the team’s starting XI. I think I can speak for everyone and say this rules. Anyway, Zibo Cuju has one point through five matches and is in last place.