Chris Bosh Talked To Conan About Photobombing, Bridges, Booze

06.27.13 5 years ago 6 Comments

Chris Bosh photobomb

The Disney Channel’s ‘Jessie’ is in re-runs right now, so Chris Bosh was able to find a few minutes to sit down with Conan O’Brien and discuss the important events of his life, such as bridge-ducking, champagne hoarding, photobombing technique and Tim Duncan posters. Also, uh, winning another NBA Championship.

Bosh seems like an awesome guy in situations like this, and hey, if you’re a Heat fan, let me know if I’ve got this chart right yet:

– Chris Bosh: likable in real life, unlikable on the court

– LeBron James: unlikable in real life, likable on the court

– Dwyane Wade: unlikable in real life, unlikable on the court

I probably don’t. Just default everything to “unlikable” and pretend Bosh doesn’t even play basketball, he’s just a cool-ish guy who likes to have fun with his highly paid, high-stakes job. Like an alligator hunter who won’t stop f**king around. Now that you’re in the proper mindset, please enjoy these clips.

[via TeamCoco]

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