CM Punk Returns To TV To Talk To Marc Maron About Everything Except Returning To TV

To recap: CM Punk abruptly left WWE back in January and hasn’t appeared for the company since, despite still being under contract. He got married recently (to WWE Diva AJ Lee, who also took a sudden, seemingly-indefinite leave of absence) and mostly just goes to hockey games. Now that hockey season is over, Punk’s free to return to television, right?

RIGHT! The only problem is that he’s showing up on IFC’s Maron to talk to Marc Maron about body dysmorphia and the similarities between pro wrestling and comedy, and not what we want him to talk about, which (at least in my head) is “when will your midlife crisis vacation be over.” Maron also does not ask questions about The Shield breakup, Daniel Bryan’s championship reign-ending injury, the identity of Adam Rose’s bunny or really anything of note. Just questions about art and family. What an amateur.

Here’s a clip. If you play ‘Cult Of Personality’ in the background you can pretend it’s the opening to next week’s Raw.