The CMU Football Team Is Really Happy That They Don’t Have To Go To Detroit For A Bowl Game

The Central Michigan Chippewas football team didn’t find out which bowl game they were attending on Twitter or ESPN, and they didn’t hear the news in the midst of a standard team meeting. Oh no, they found out after watching a splashy video presentation that ran through the names of the potentials, one by one, until only two remained: The Quick Lane Bowl in Detroit and The Popeye’s Bahamas Bowl in paradise.

Talk about the agony and the ecstasy.

As you can see in the video above, the Chippewas absolutely lost their sh*t when they got their answer and found out that they were going to the Bahamas (to face-off against the WKU Hilltoppers) instead of essentially staying home. Which is what they wound up doing two years ago when they faced off against WKU in the Little Caesars Bowl in Detroit. Honestly, I can’t tell if those cheers are more full of joy or relief, but either way, I can’t blame them.

As for the Quick Lane Bowl, that game will be played by Rutgers and the University of North Carolina. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any video of those teams reacting to the news, but I’m sure at least one player or coach is super psyched to get the chance to see the Great Lakes Museum and the several spots across the city where the RoboCop statue could potentially go… one day.

Source: YouTube