The Latest Rumored Reason Teams Aren’t Signing Colin Kaepernick Is Completely Crazy

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What’s the latest made-up reason NFL teams are giving reporters for not signing Colin Kaepernick?

Because he’s vegan! Children think of better lies when they are caught drawing on your walls with permanent markers. You know who’s a vegan athlete that’s pretty decent at their job? Venus Williams. She’s one of the vegan athletes featured in this Washington Post story. Here’s an old Page 2 story about vegans, which includes Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez.

It’s a little embarrassing that an NFL reporter would be fed this story (which is not vegan) and just tweet it out at face value, as if it’s a legitimate excuse for signing Geno Smith over Kaepernick. Richard Sherman is giving you more accurate reports about why Kaepernick is unsigned than someone that is covering the 49ers for a living.

If having a weird diet meant you couldn’t be a football player, Tom Brady would be looking for a job right now.

Kaepernick doesn’t have a job because of two things: he’s an average-at-best quarterback at this stage of his career and his political views are considered disruptive by the teams that would sign him, despite his continued contributions to the community. It’s not complicated. There’s a scale teams use to decide if a controversial player is worth signing based on his talent compared to the off-field or locker-room “distraction” he’d create, and kneeling for 80 seconds per week during a song is considered a worse crime in the NFL than, say, spousal abuse in some cases. Even though Kaepernick apparently won’t be kneeling anymore.

If Kaepernick went 10-6 last year, he’d already be the Jets quarterback.