The Craziest Moment Of The College Football Season Was This Cat Falling Off A Ledge And Getting Caught In A Flag

During Saturday evening’s game between the Miami Hurricanes and the Appalachian State Mountaineers, a cat somehow found itself hanging on for dear life. In a series of events that sounds a little too far out there even for the always weird sport of college football, a cat not only got into the stadium, it found itself holding on by its claws to a ledge to prevent itself from falling from the upper deck.

Everyone in the immediate vicinity seemed to understand that the cat was in trouble, so some folks below tried to make a de facto net with an American flag. While some people tried their best to save the cat from falling, their efforts were for naught, and the kitty ended up taking a bit of a tumble.

But somehow, someway, the idea of using a flag as a net to catch a cat suspended from a balcony at a Miami Hurricanes game worked. The cat fell, the crowd was horrified, and eventually, one dude held it up triumphantly, which led to one of the loudest cheers you’ll hear at a college football game.

I have about a million questions about what happened here, but hopefully, the cat is ok and the person(s) who caught it take it in and nurture it for the rest of its life. Maybe no more football games for the kitty, though.