A Scuffle During Colts-Patriots Led To Michael Pittman And Kyle Dugger Getting Ejected

For years, the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts had one of the most hotly-contested rivalries in all of American sports. While those days are gone now that Tom Brady is on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Peyton Manning is retired, tensions still boiled over on Saturday night as the two teams squared off at Lucas Oil Stadium.

During the third quarter of action, Colts wide receiver Michael Pittman and Patriots safety Kyle Dugger got into some extracurricular activities. Pittman went up to Dugger, blocked him, and shoved him, which Dugger did not appreciate. While Pittman was staring him down, Kyle Van Noy came in and shoved him into Dugger, who then grabbed the back of Pittman’s helmet and pulled it off.

The two teams had to be separated, and at the end of the fracas, the referees determined that both Pittman and Dugger needed to be ejected. At the time of the decision, the Colts were up, 20-0.

This wasn’t the only time there was some jawing between the two teams, as Carson Wentz got into it with Matthew Judon after another member of the Patriots got a piece of the Colts QB while standing up after a play.

The Patriots entered the game with a two-game lead on the Buffalo Bills for first place in the AFC East, while the Colts are two games behind the Tennessee Titans in the AFC South.