Conor McGregor Calls Jose Aldo A ‘Weasel’ Over Drug Test Dodge

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Conor McGregor stealing Jose Aldo’s belt during the promotional world tour for their fight at UFC 189 on July 11

UFC’s comprehensive new random drug testing policy is just ramping up, and we should apparently expect some growing pains as everyone gets used to officials showing up at the gym demanding blood and urine samples. On Thursday morning, someone did just that in Brazil to test 145-pound champ Jose Aldo. Confusion ensued (via MMA Fighting):

Ben Mosier from Drug Free Sport lab went to Nova Uniao on Thursday morning to collect urine sample from the 145-pound champion, but Aldo’s manager, Andre Pederneiras, was suspicious about the man. Aldo gave Mosier the urine sample, but Pederneiras contacted the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA) about the test, and CABMMA officials informed Pederneiras that they were not informed by it either.

According to Pederneiras, CABMMA COO Cristiano Sampaio contacted the Brazilian federal police and met Pederneiras, Aldo, and Mosier at Nova Uniao. They learned that Mosier is licensed by the Nevada Athletic Commission, however his visa doesn’t allow him to work in Brazil. Mosier was issued a $130 dollar fine and has been given eight days to leave the country.

The CABMMA will retest Aldo today (Friday) with Mosier present and send the sample to the original lab chosen by the Nevada commission. But that hasn’t stopped controversy from erupting about the way Aldo got a 24-hour window to piss clean. His opponent for July 11, Conor McGregor, had this to say:

McGregor is upset because, in this day and age, all an athlete needs is a day to be able to purge his urine of signs he’s using PEDs. And while it’s understandable to question who this guy is asking for your urine, the circus that descended upon the Nova Uniao gym involving Brazilian commission members and federal police seems a tad suspicious.

Even after they determined Mosier was an official tester licensed by the Nevada commission, they still had his sample destroyed on the grounds that he had a business visa and not a work visa. Strange, questionable stuff, with the final result being Aldo’s random test no longer being random, a key element in catching anyone doing PEDs, especially with urine.

This won’t be the last time you hear about this little incident… McGregor isn’t the kind of person to let anything happen without turning it into something to repeatedly attack Aldo with leading up to their fight. What do you think? Was Aldo’s camp right to have his original sample destroyed, or does this whole thing make it look like the champ has something to hide?

(via MMA Fighting)