Damar Hamlin Continues To Improve And Appears ‘Neurologically Intact’ In Latest Update

The health and status of Damar Hamlin has been at the front of mind for the sports world since he collapsed on the field during Monday Night Football and went into cardiac arrest. The Bills defensive back had his heartbeat restored on the field after receiving CPR and has been in critical condition at the UC Medical Center in Cincinnati since Monday night.

Hamlin was moved from 100 percent oxygen to 50 percent oxygen recently, a sign of some improvement in his condition, and Thursday brought another positive update on his condition from the Bills. The team released a statement on Thursday morning indicating that he has continued to make “steady progress” in his recovery and has showed signs of being neurologically intact.

The agency that represents Hamlin also offered its own statement, referring to his progress as “substantial improvement” overnight.

Hamlin opened his eyes on Wednesday night and has been able to grip the hands of loved ones in the hospital, per reports, as he shows signs of improvement while remaining in critical condition.

Hopefully Hamlin will continue to improve and, in the coming days and weeks, can become more fully responsive and be moved out of the ICU. For now, we will welcome the positive update on what was one of the most terrifying moments in professional sports history, and offer continued support to Hamlin and his family.