Danielle Clauson Plays By No Rules

You may have already seen this little nugget of women’s basketball trick shottery on ESPN’s Top Plays or in an email your feminist older sister sent you, but I didn’t see it until this morning because I save my chicks hoops for Thursdays when my pride is already mostly defeated.

On Monday night, the Concordia Cavaliers were tied with the College of Idaho Breastfeeders Coyotes 61-61 with .7 seconds left on the clock. Faced with the possibility of overtime, Cascade Collegiate Conference first-teamer Danielle Clauson knew she would need a miracle shot to win, otherwise she’d never be home in time to watch The Bachelor.

Noticing that her opponent’s back was facing her – I like where this is going – Danielle inbounded to herself off the defender’s back and hit a monster tomahawk windmill 360 layup for the win. As you can see in the video after the jump, the crowd just goes insane. Especially all the guys who were there and subsequently lost their man cards when leaving the arena.