Danny Trejo, The NHL’s Biggest Bad Ass

Danny Trejo has been around for a long time, perfectly fulfilling every Hollywood director’s need for a “menacing Mexican type,” from his turn as a rapey convict in Con Air to his criminally underrated role as a hulking Mexican vampire in From Dusk til Dawn. But at 69-years old, he’s only recently gone from being “that giant Mexican dude” in supporting roles to being “that guy, Danny whatshisname” as a full blown action star in the hilariously campy Machete franchise.

This sucks, because we’ve been missing out on so many more fantastic photo moments like this one of Trejo at last night’s Philadelphia Flyers game. In fact, it gave me an idea for the next screenplay I’ll start writing and save in a folder I can’t locate – Sudden Death 2: This Time It’s A Soccer Game. Jean Claude Van Damme could even show up and be blown up by a missile in the opening minutes. That would be incredible! And then Trejo and Pele could team up to stop a mercenary terrorist (Mel Gibson, obviously) from destroying an entire soccer stadium and the fans. Of course, after all of the fans left, they’d probably brawl and kill each other in the parking lot, but you don’t write the epilogue first.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the Flyers defeated the Panthers 2-1.

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