Demi Lovato Knocked NFL Insider Jay Glazer’s Tooth Out During An MMA Training Session

Via Instagram

In addition to the work that he does for Fox as an NFL insider, Jay Glazer is known for his interest in MMA. Glazer doesn’t just follow the sport, he actually has an MMA gym and serves as a trainer for athletes, working with NFL players during the offseason so they can stay in shape.

Glazer doesn’t just work with football players, though, as we learned from his Instagram account. On Tuesday evening, Glazer posted a video from after a workout he did with Demi Lovato. Both of them were laughing, because apparently, Lovato caught Glazer in the mouth during a sparring session. Even though Glazer said he had a mouthguard in, one of his front teeth got knocked out.

Lovato tossed the video onto her Instagram, too, asking when she’s going to get her chance to step into the octagon.

Fortunately both of them were able to laugh about it, even though Lovato did apologize for this one. Still, shout out to Lovato for catching Glazer with an apparent perfect shot to the grill, one that made it so his mouthguard wasn’t able to get the job done. Some MMA promotions might want to get on the phone with Lovato’s reps, that’s impressive striking ability.