Deshaun Watson Talks Fashion, Football, And Embracing Being An Underdog

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It was evident to anyone who watched him during his decorated career at Clemson, but after two years in the NFL, Deshaun Watson has established himself as a superstar. The Houston Texans’ signal caller just completed his second year under center and put forth the best quarterbacking season in franchise history, completing 68.3 percent of his passes for 4,165 yards, 26 touchdowns, and nine interceptions. It was his first full professional season — his rookie year was cut short by injury — and it could not have gone much better.

Well, that’s not totally true. Houston was bounced early from the playoffs, with Watson having a rough go of it during their Wild Card loss to the Indianapolis Colts. But with a clean bill of health and all eyes on the 2019 campaign, Watson is confident that will be more of a bump in the road than a sign of things to come for a team on, in his eyes, “the right path.” He’s also getting to pursue some off-field interests, like his partnership with Champs Sports on its Refresh Your Game campaign.

Before the season rolls around, Watson took some time to speak with Uproxx Sports about his first healthy offseason as a pro, his beloved Clemson Tigers, his sense of style, and much, much more.

What has been your main focus this offseason?

My main focus is really just trying to master my crafts, mentally, physically. And then also just make sure I maintain my health. This is my first offseason where I can have a full offseason so I can be able to eat right, train right. You know, be well-rested. I don’t have to focus on an injury and trying to get back. My rookie year I was doing all this media and campaign and traveling, trying to see what team I would get to and try to learn their offense, so all those things are the biggest things that I’ve been focusing on and cherishing.

I’m actually glad you mentioned that, because you can always ask any athlete the biggest difference from year one to year two, but I’m interested in what has been the biggest difference for you in offseason number two compared to offseason number one, when you kind of have a little bit more of a sense of what goes into all of this.

It’s really the, I guess, the time, the 24 hours in each day. Most of the time, my first offseason, I was rehabbing, so I didn’t really get to do the things on the field because I was very limited. Times where I tried to watch film and things like that, I had limited time before I had to do something else. So I was really trying to find my way and figure out my routine. But now, having a full offseason to help me to build a routine was big.

One thing that I noticed happened this offseason is you spent a little bit of time with Mike Vick. What did you learn getting to spend some time and pick his brain a little bit?