Deshaun Watson Showed Off His $45k The Rock Miami Rookie Card At Lunch With Timbaland

Deshaun Watson’s got a lot going on right now. The All-Pro signal caller wants out of Houston, as things have gotten pretty weird with the Texans due to the fact that they’ve hit near-rock bottom over the last year. Their struggles on the field and their turmoil off of it — including a coaching search that reportedly rubbed Watson the wrong way — have all come to a head, and now, Watson wants to join J.J. Watt in moving on from the organization. Houston, meanwhile, has made it pretty clear it wants to keep Watson around, which isn’t a shock, because he is quite good.

Like most athletes, though, Watson has other things to do away from the daily grind that is playing his sport. For example, on Saturday, he met up with legendary music producer Timbaland for lunch, where the pair were joined by Watson’s most recent purchase: A 1994 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson rookie card from back in his football days.

The card recently sold at auction for just a hair more than $45,000.

And as he is wont to do, Johnson took to Twitter after the images began circulating to send good vibes’ Watson’s way.

Of course, if someone wanted to really read way too far into this, they would probably mention something about how the Miami Dolphins have long been rumored as a potential landing spot for Watson, and Johnson both is from and went to Miami. Or they could just say “oh cool Deshaun and Timbaland got lunch and Deshaun brought a cool card,” which is probably much closer to the truth.