Despite Losing, Life Still Doesn’t Suck For Aaron Rodgers

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01.16.12 3 Comments

Women be crownin'.

The 2012 Miss America Pageant took place on Saturday night at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, and I don’t think that I need to tell you any more details because you were all undoubtedly watching, and perhaps betting heavily on your favorite ladies. Ultimately, Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppeler was crowned Miss America and as you can see above, she celebrated with the obligatory tears of shock while her peers congratulated her. I assume they all then left for the pillow fight.

But Kaeppeler stole the show early on when she invoked the name of the almighty Aaron Rodgers as she playfully flirted with the QB of the Green Bay Packers.

“If you’re watching, Aaron Rodgers, call me,” she said when introducing herself to the audience.

(Via USA Today)

Rodgers and the Packers saw their chances for a Super Bowl repeat shredded by the New York Giants yesterday, as they turned the ball over four times while Eli Manning and Hakeem Nicks tap danced to the tune of 37-20 on their fresh graves. I assume that Rodgers is pretty bummed about it, but it’s nice to know that he can always fall back into the waiting arms of just about any girl on the planet, including Miss America.

Obviously, we’ve discussed the awesomeness that is Rodgers plenty in the past, but I can’t help but wonder at what point his status as a Grade A Poon Hound switches from endearing to annoying.

(Skip to about the 9:25 mark.)

I'm sorry, we were looking for the Discount Double Check.

(Images via Reuters.)

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