Why Did Dez Bryant Publicly Voice His Support For Greg Hardy?

Getty Image

Though the Dallas Cowboys may be done with Greg Hardy (but not because of his atrocious history with women), not all of his teammates want to see him gone, and Dez Bryant, one of the most vocal Cowboys, has taken to Instagram to show his support.

The photo was captioned with the following:

“I’m behind you Big dog… You are a true talent… Instead.. they try to create trouble instead of paying attention to the struggle… 76 a true beast #x”

It’s a puzzling (and somewhat worrisome) caption, begging the question of who “they” is and what trouble they “create.” The simplest explanation is also the most troubling one — that Bryant sides with Hardy regarding the heavily documented domestic violence conviction of Hardy’s that was only overturned once Hardy gave a financial settlement to the victim to stop cooperating.

As for the “struggle,” we can only assume Dez means that Hardy works exceptionally hard, which one should expect every NFL player to do, rather than showing up consistently late and out of shape, as Hardy reportedly did during his brief time with the Cowboys. If Dez and Hardy are friends (despite the sideline dust-up they had during the season), then Bryant’s show of support is no surprise. Friends want to believe the best in each other, after all. Hardy just isn’t the kind of friend Dez should be publicly defending.