No, Conor McGregor Didn’t Save Some Kid From Getting Beaten Up

Getty Image

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, folks. But a video floating around the internet that seems to show UFC fighter Conor McGregor breaking up a fight between kids isn’t legit. The clip, which surfaced on Friday morning, featured several children fighting until a man in a suit with a decent resemblance to McGregor burst into view, yelling “Do you want me to give you a clatter?” and sending them packing.

Was it all fake, or was it a real fight broken up by someone testing out a Halloween costume? Maybe it was just some Irish bloke in a suit doing some good. None of that is clear at this point, but it had a lot of people giving Conor McGregor props. The truth of the matter came out fast enough, though, from Conor’s coach John Kavanagh on Twitter.

So if you happen to see or hear about this story on the internet or from friends, feel free to pop their bubble and let them in on the less entertaining but ultimately more relevant truth: No, Conor McGregor didn’t save some kid from being bullied, although if he was there at the time I’m sure he would have. Right after smacking a clown upside the head.