Did the Hornets’ Lance Stephenson Flop After Slapping Himself In The Face?

Not sure what to make of last night’s bizarre incident involving the Hornets’ Lance Stephenson. You see on first glance it looks like Lance gets hit in the face on a screen from the Warriors’ Harrison Barnes. On second glance however…wait, did he just hit himself in the face?

This is all kinds of amazing. We’ve seen guys flop on the most minimal of contact from other players—but flopping after hitting yourself? Wow, we’ve reached a brand new low in the NBA. Or maybe it’s just Stephenson who’s hit rock bottom. I don’t know.

Either way, I hope hitting yourself becomes a thing in the NBA. Perhaps if Kobe hit himself hard enough, he’d stop shooting the ball 40 times a game and oh, nevermind.

(Vine via Warriors World)