Elvis Andrus Slapped Didi Gregorius Right In The Crotch At Second Base

The Yankees were in Texas to take on the Rangers on Thursday night, but that wasn’t the only war being waged. There was also the quick-yet-brutal battle between Elvis Andrus’ hands and Didi Gregorius’ junk. It occurred after Prince Fielder hit a ground ball to Yankees second baseman Stephen Drew, who made a late attempt at a double play. Andrus was already bearing down on the shortstop Gregorius and he executed a classic takeout slide, making himself large to disrupt a potential double play. The only problem was that the throw was too high, and when Gregorius reached up to grab it, well, you know.

It’s not often you see an open-palmed nutshot like we have here. It’s the quickest and most violent of cup checks you might ever see, and it seems like Gregorius got caught without. Then again, how many non-catchers still wear cups? (That’s an honest question. I have no idea.) Andrus, for his part, felt Didi’s pain after he felt Didi’s gentleman’s region.

You okay, buddy? You alive? He’s probably fine. (He was fine.) See the whole play and its aftermath here.

(Vine via The Cauldron)