This Dog Did Not Care To Be Interviewed At A Miami Marlins Game

The Miami Marlins have had a rather disappointing season. They are currently 19 games under .500 and 12 games behind the Mets and Nationals for the NL East lead.

Because of this, Marlins TV reporters have been forced to take to some unconventional methods to try and entertain the fans watching on television, including attempting to interview a dog live on air as a part of the teams Bark at the Park promotion.

Unfortunately for Fox Sports Florida reporter Jessica Blaylock, her dog, Lemon, did not care much to be interviewed and he made sure to let her and fellow reporter Craig Minervini know as much when Minervini put his microphone right up in Lemon’s face to try and get a comment.

While many dogs may have reveled in their opportunity to finally get their 15 minutes of fame, (such as Kiki, the first dog interviewed, who was more receptive to being on camera) Lemon was not interested in such things, giving only a series of hard growls at Minervini until he was scared off. Good on you Lemon, good on you.

(Via Vice Sports)