Donald Trump Read A Letter From Bill Belichick Complimenting Him, Claims That Tom Brady Voted For Him

Donald Trump‘s relationship with the New England Patriots has been fairly well-documented. Bill Belichick seems to be a close friend of Trump, while Tom Brady has not hidden the fact that he is close with the Republican Party’s nominee for the White House.

It’s the day before the United States picks its next commander-in-chief, and during a stop in New Hampshire, Trump decided to flaunt his friendship with Brady and Belichick in an attempt to win over some New England voters. Most notably, he read a letter that he claims is from Belichick in which the Patriots’ head coach complimented Trump for how he’s dealt with the “unbelievable slanted and negative media” but managed to come out “beautifully.”

Trump also claimed that he received a phone call from Brady on Monday in which the Patriots quarterback expressed his support. Additionally, Trump said Brady gave him permission to tell a crowd about this endorsement.

This smells a bit funky, because even though Brady and Belichick are close with Trump, the two are notoriously private and the thought of them being so vocal in their support isn’t par for the course for either dude. Of course, nothing about this election is “par for the course,” so maybe this is all 100 percent legitimate.

There’s also the non-zero chance that Brady and/or Belichick never said this and Trump was just trying to get a cheap pop in Pats country. If that’s the case, we’ll almost certainly hear about it from these two.

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