Athletes Fired Back At Donald Trump For His ‘Locker Room Talk’ Excuse During The Debate

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Remember Donald Trump? He’s that heavyset orange gentleman with a sniffling issue that ran for president in 2016. He is best known for making a comment about grabbing something he should not be grabbing. Leading into the second debate, that audio understandably dogged him and became a talking point on Sunday night.

How did Trump defend himself? By claiming it was “locker room talk.” For me, locker room talk is, “Why is that old man wearing nothing but a shirt? And why has he been walking around the locker room with no bottoms for five minutes?” But then again, most of us don’t frequent lavish country club locker rooms like Trump does.

But when “locker room talk” came up, professional athletes who spend more time in locker rooms than any adult males on the planet, they had their say about it.

Former tight end Ben Watson realized that maybe Trump’s locker rooms aren’t like the ones he frequented.

“Are you kidding?” was the general response of most athletes. Brooklyn Decker, the swimsuit model and wife of former tennis player Andy Roddick, had a different perspective.

You see, her feeling is if Roddick is talking about punching cats, she will cut his eggplant. I speak 100 percent fluent emoji and that’s what it says.

There were also the more serious responses, like pointing out that putting your mouth on someone that doesn’t want it on them isn’t locker room behavior, either.

Olympic hurdler Queen Harrison had a similar sentiment.

Finally, Blake Griffin tweeted about another concerning issue — that a 70-year-old man was breathing heavily, perhaps winded, from simply standing.

How can someone this out of shape know what it’s like in a locker room if he’s never worked out in his life?