Donald Trump Served Another College Football Team Fast Food At The White House

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Donald Trump serving championship-caliber athletes cheap fast food in the White House is now officially an American tradition. The 45th president of the United States and fast food hamburger connoisseur hosted another championship college football team on Monday as the North Dakota State Bison traveled to Washington D.C. to visit Trump at the White House.

The last time the White House hosted a college football team it was during the government shutdown, and the Clemson Tigers were treated to a fast food bonanza that briefly captivated the entirety of the Internet. But with the shutdown over and, presumably, multiple professional chefs back on the payroll and available to make state dinners, one would hope NDSU could celebrate the latest chapter of its FCS dynasty with a bit fancier fare.


Newsday reporter Laura Figueroa Hernandez first reported from the scene of the “Big Mac and Chick-fil-A” buffet on Monday as the North Dakota State University Bison celebrated their seventh FCS national championship at America’s whitest house.

Just look at that spread.

Yes, that’s 16th president Abraham Lincoln quizzically looking over a bunch of athletes about to chow down on lukewarm-to-cold fast food.

But don’t worry, not all of it was served cold. Check out these pizzas and fries under heat lamps in the freaking White House.

It’s unclear if this is now going to be a thing for every college sports team that visits the White House, or maybe this is just for football teams in general now. Will the Patriots get treated to a bunch of cold Wahlburgers when they visit D.C.? Will the Red Sox, if they ever go? Or do paid athletes get more stately food when they decide to visit the White House?