Don’t Fall Asleep In An Uber Or You Could End Up With A $900 Tab Like This Guy

uber sleeping

And the South shall rise again!

On New Year’s Eve, a college football fan left the Peach Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia following TCU’s victory over Ole Miss. The man may have been inebriated, we have no idea for sure. What we do now is that he called an Uber to take him home.

Hours later after leaving Atlanta, he was safe and sound…in his home state of Mississippi. You see, instead of entering his local address, the man entered his permanent one.

He was slapped with a $908 tab as a result.

So let me get this straight. An Uber driver took a guy TWO states over and didn’t once think that was a mistake? And how did this guy pass out for so long? And how was the tab only $908? So many questions, so few answers.

[Powder Blues]