Dr. Phil’s Ratings Blew Up For His Awful Interview With V. Stiviano

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05.22.14 14 Comments

Now that someone finally used an entire roll of duct tape to cover Donald Sterling’s mouth so he’ll stop talking to his rapper friends like Ford Focus and Mazda Miata, someone has to keep the hot, fresh quotes coming in. That meant it was time for V. Stivano to step up and break her silence, and what better way to do that than to accept the most money offered from Dr. Phil, so his army of daytime viewers can better understand whatever it is she thinks we should know? But this wasn’t just going to be a roller skate in the street for Stiviano. Dr. Phil wore no gloves for this encounter, and he pulled no punches.

That’s probably why his ratings were ridiculous, according to Deadline, as the show’s overnight ratings jumped 73% thanks to Sterling’s “assistant” spilling the beans on why she thinks people should feel bad for her. Deadline also listed a bunch of other numbers about the episode’s ratings, but I don’t understand them. Instead, I’d rather play a numbers game that I call, “How Much of This Interview Can You Watch?” I made it about halfway through before I turned it off, and then I finished it later, but that’s just so I could tell you that the part where she defends/explains the stupid hat and roller skating in front of the TMZ photographers is absolutely amazing. Great TV right there, Dr. Phil.

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