The Durham Bulls Have Unveiled Their 'Star Wars' Uniforms For An Upcoming Game

Like a lot of Minor and Major League Baseball teams, as well as NBA, NFL, NHL, Arena, roller derby, water polo, Frisbee golf, and synchronized swimming teams, the Durham Bulls have already had a Star Wars night promotion in the past. But like most wise teams, the Bulls know that Star Wars is something that so many people love, so there’s no cap on how many times they can host a Star Wars night, and it’s only a matter of time before there’s a Star Wars baseball team that hosts nothing but Star Wars nights. Or maybe that team will hold something like “Plain, Old Dork Night” and we can all just dress like ourselves.

Until that great day comes, though, we’ll have to settle for the Bulls’ Star Wars Night on May 4 and these awesome R2D2 jerseys that they’ll be wearing. Of course, it will all be a pretty big letdown if all of the sound crew doesn’t play R2 beeps and boops every time the players get a hit. If you’re going to dress up like droids, sell the part. Don’t half-droid it.