Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Narrated A Hype Video For LSU And Shared His Connection To Ed Orgeron

We’re learning a lot more about a young Dwayne Johnson these days, and that includes why he’ll be rooting for LSU in Monday’s college football national title game. Johnson, who long before he was a superstar actor and even a wrestling phenom was a college football player at the University of Miami, has ties that lead right to the current coach of LSU, which will take on Clemson in New Orleans on Monday night.

Hours before the game, The Rock tweeted out a hype video for LSU that he narrated and explained why he’s rooting for the Tigers on Monday, and it has everything to do with LSU head coach Ed Orgeron.

“I remember the past and it anchors me to the present,” Johnson said.

Johnson’s own story has come with a good amount of rejection and triumph, and it fits in well with an LSU team led by Joe Burrow, a quarterback who saw rejection in his own state of Ohio before finding an historic Heisman Trophy-winning season at LSU.

“I remember being told I wasn’t good enough,” Johnson said as an image of a young Burrow appeared on screen. “And wondering if it’s true.”

The video is emotional and a great way to get excited about Monday’s game, but it also adds a special connection for LSU’s Orgeron. He’s had a lot of players under him in his time in college football, and we’ve seen how much guys like Burrow appreciate what he’s done for them. We now know The Rock belongs in that category as well.