Easiest Contest Ever: Win Stuff By Pointing Out How Crappy Bob Sapp Is

Would you like to win a free trip to Australia and $300 to stand in the corner of Bob Sapp for the 40-50 seconds it takes for whoever’s fighting him to knock him out? This is the contest for you!

The details:

Create a 30 second video that demonstrates your admiration (or hatred) for The Beast!

Upload to your youtube account.

Submit your video in the reply section below.

Make sure you have the address “” in the video and the video’s description.

Please title your video “BobSappTV Video Contest”

Winner will receive:

1 Round-Trip ticket to Sydney Australia

$300 spending money

Free Hotel and Meals

VIP access to the fight (CFC 21)

Become The Beasts Cornerman for the fight.

*Contestants must be 21 or older with a valid passport

*Contestants must know nothing about fighting and think Old Spice commercials are hilarious

Whether you care about Bob Sapp or not, you should give this contest a shot. It’s 30 seconds of work for 300 bucks and a free trip, and chances are he’s gonna get like 10 responses so if you’re even moderately funny and don’t slur his worthlessness you should be all right. Just put on boxing gloves and go BLAGH at the camera, he loves that.

[h/t Cage Potato]