ESPN’s Chris Fowler Vehemently Defends The Network Against Charges Of SEC Bias

Senior Editor
10.25.14 12 Comments

College GameDay host Chris Fowler dropped the hottest of takes this morning on ESPN regarding SEC bias. There are folks, particularly in B1G country, who believe ESPN’s financial interest in the SEC Network prevents them from impartiality. Fowler addressed this earlier in the week on Twitter.

The claim of SEC bias is nothing new. Frankly it’s been around for as long as I can remember. But it’s taken on new life recently with GameDay attending multiple SEC locations. Fowler, for his part, made some good points. College Football is better when there are teams representing every region. But calling fans “stupid” and “uninformed” is counterproductive. Especially when your network employs the likes of Mark May, Paul Finebaum and Lou Holtz.

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