Even The Derrick Rose Action Figures Have Given Up Hope

Pro Wrestling Editor
04.18.14 4 Comments

If you haven’t familiarized yourself with the story of Derrick Rose, his career table of contents on Wikipedia will catch you up:

If that wasn’t depressing enough, even the Derrick Rose action figures are starting to come with “sorry, dude’s gonna be injured if you try to stand him up on your desk” disclaimers. By way of @bullystyle311 comes this instance of collectable Real Talk:

Ouch. From me, I mean, not him. Okay, ouch from both of us.

This has got to be the best passive-aggressive use of action figure packaging since WWE put their Sin Cara doll in a sling. Maybe the NBA should learn a lesson from them and just send out somebody else to play in Derrick Rose’s jersey.

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