DraftKings And FanDuel Are Spending An Insane Amount Of Money On All Those Ads

If you watch any sports channel—and you’re on Uproxx Sports, so we’re assuming you do—you’ve no doubt seen a commercial, or 1,000, for DraftKings and/or FanDuel, and are familiar with the face of the Big Winner above. The two short-term fantasy football organizations have been bombarding airwaves with ads over the past month or so in preparation for the season. As the Wall Street Journal notes, both sites have paid upwards of eight figures to get their ads on television:

DraftKings was the single biggest advertiser on television in the last seven days as of Monday: 5,800 airings for about $20 million, according to ad tracker Since Aug. 1, DraftKings has spent $81 million on ads that have aired more than 22,000 times, according to FanDuel, for its part, has spent $20 million on 7,500 airings since Aug. 1.

Both companies advertised heavily over the weekend as the NFL kicked off its season. With 28 national airings during NFL games, FanDuel had the most appearances of any brand, according to DraftKings had 20 national airings, and only Verizon spent more on spots over the weekend than the pair, estimates.

Naturally, the sheer number of commercials invading our living rooms feels more like television spam than an actual marketing campaign. But the good news for those who wish your TV had a spam filter is you don’t have to expect this type of marketing deluge to be a year-round, or even season-long thing. “The anticipation of week 1 is different from that lull period in week 9 or 10, and we want to have creative that reflects that,” FanDuel CFO Matt King told the Journal.

(Via Wall Street Journal)