Felix Hernandez Proposed To His Girlfriend Too, But She Had No Decision

03.29.12 6 years ago

The Seattle Mariners have just finished opening Major League Baseball’s 2012 season by splitting a two-game series against the Oakland Athletics at the Tokyo Dome, and the only one of the coolest things to come out of MLB’s foray into Japan is the story of how Mariners infielder Brendan Ryan took his girlfriend up to the sky deck on the 90th floor of Mori Tower under the ruse of a nicely-dressed tour and proposed to her.

Ryan’s comments on the event, via MLB.com with a hat tip to Sportress:

“I had this planned for quite a while,” said Ryan. “Once I heard we were going to Japan, I figured it was a pretty cool opportunity. Then MLB heard about it and stepped in and rolled out the red carpet for us and it was just awesome.

“We got up there at sunset so it was starting to get dark and you could see the lights of the city and the Tokyo Tower was lit up,” he said. “It was perfect.”

You can check out a video with a few additional comments after the jump, but be warned: while I don’t think you’d have a reason to already, you may never be able to hate Brendan Ryan again.

Lesson learned: MLB can’t properly test for drugs or implement a playoffs system they like, but they’ll but their ass for you and come up with a thousand ideas if you tell them you want to propose to your girlfriend.

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