The UEFA Champions League Is Coming To ‘FIFA 19’

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Get ready, soccer fans, because the biggest club tournament in the world is coming to FIFA 19. EA Sports announced that the latest installment of its signature soccer game will include the UEFA Champions League during Saturday’s EA Play event in Los Angeles. In addition to Champions League, FIFA 19 will include UEFA’s other two major tournaments: Europa League and Super Cup.

It’s a major addition to the FIFA series, as executive producer Aaron McHardy tells Uproxx Sports that Champions League has been “one of the most requested features from our players over the last decade.” And because this is such a big deal to FIFA fans all over the globe, McHardy wants gamers to know that EA Sports is preparing to go all-out to give fans as authentic of an experience as humanly possible.

“We’re building unique atmospheres and presentation elements that are going to immerse players in these competitions, things like official broadcast packages, so the minute you go into the game, you’re going to see the broadcast elements that you’re accustomed to seeing in Champions League matches that you watch on TV,” McHardy says. “We’re going to have the overlays in the game, the player name identification bars and score overlays, all of those things are going to be branded Champions League. We’re going to have details like the Champions League kit badges on all the of the kits for teams that are playing in the Champions League. The official match ball, where the ball sits before you go in the game. The archways the players walk through before they take the pitch, to the ad boards and the hoardings are all going to be authentic.”

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