Finally, Metta World Peace Has A Web Series

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10.08.13 4 Comments

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Hey, you know what’d make Metta World Peace better? Webisodes.

The Artist Formerly Known As Ron Artest has worn many hats — basketball star, author, actor, stand-up comedian, mental health spokesperson, children’s entertainer, racism-detecting store destroyer — but there’s one thing he’s never done: vlogging.

He’s probably done vlogging before, I don’t know, but the first episode of his new webseries METTA’S WORLD just had its first episode, and I wanted to share it with you in all of its 240p autoplaying glory.

Needs more people changing pricetas because they hate black people.

I love that Metta World Peace has a camera and a microphone and the best idea he can come up with for a show is, “ask my friends questions about how cool we are.” THE INTERNET NEEDS TO KNOW WHAT THE NEW YORK KNICKS THINK ABOUT HAIRCUTS AND THEIR TOES. I kinda want the show to just be Metta taking his medication, then sitting alone in silence.

Either that, or for somebody on the Knicks to yell “schwing.”

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