Florida State’s Horse Mascot Attempted A Revolt Against Its Human Overlord

There were plenty of important sports things to occur during Friday night’s Orange Bowl between Florida State and Michigan. All of them were exponentially less important than this moment from before the game, when the Seminoles’ horse mascot tried its best to become free.

Before the Seminoles take the field at home games, Osceola (a human) and Renegade (a horse) go to midfield and plant a burning spear into the ground. The team did this for the Orange Bowl as well, which led to Renegade noticing an opportunity to get away from its captors.

Renegade fell to the ground while Osceola held his flaming spear. Right as it realized that the human overlord was off of him, Renegade got up and started running around. Just before it looked like Renegade was ready to pull an Andy from The Shawshank Redemption, a few other humans came and kept the horse from running away. Osceola threw the spear in the ground while standing up, while Renegade was reigned in.

The far more probable story is that a freak accident happened and Renegade just fell over, but it’s far more fun to imagine that the horse was trying its best to no longer be a mascot. Total aside – the Seminoles beat the Wolverines, 33-32, so maybe Renegade needs to fall onto its side more frequently.